Monday, January 3, 2011

Off my radar - 2011

Below are stocks that I am not intending to purchase for 2011

SGX-listed companies

a) Hyflux
c) SGX
d) SIA
e) Wilmar


a) Gold
b) Silver

(In no order of distaste)


  1. Maybe u you share with us why?

  2. Edited: Maybe you could share with us why?

  3. Hi

    Basically I would not be looking at these counters for various reasons... like cost, future prospects, uncertainty over future direction, lack of understanding of business etc.

    For hyflux, i would refrain from buying it as i do not fully understand her business...

    for osim, it has been on a bull run for quite some time already, hence i would think with her p/e so high, i would pause and think before buying...

    for sgx, uncertainty over her deal to buy asx is making me wary of her. coupled with her rather expensive stock price now...i would also stay out of this one.

    for sia, as i stated previously, i believe that oil price would go up...and sia would suffer due to higher operating costs...

    wilmar, i have been rather "disturbed" by her decision to diversify into properties in china when china property market is so hot (and looks like a bubble waiting to explode) and also the fact that wilmar insiders are selling their stake in wilmar (as evidenced by the many high volume sell downs experienced by wilmar and sgx announcement last week)... so i am keeping out of this one too.

    as for gold and silver...i think a bubble may be forming so i am also staying out of that too.