Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stock Portfolio Updates - Jan 15

Recently, I made a few changes to my portfolio...

And after thinking for a really long time last night, I sold my shares in Ezra Holdings, for a nice gain of 7% (including brokerage costs and other misc costs) considering my short holding period of less than one month. I am still interested in the Ezra due to her strong fundamentals and good growth outlook, but would only consider re-entering Ezra when she successfully and convincingly break the strong and important resistance of 1.85 or retest the similarly strong and important support of 1.65.

Besides selling Ezra, I have also sold my shares in Ascendas Reit for a small profit. In my previous post on Ascendas Reit, I have detailed the reasons (mainly fundamental) that make the Reit unattractive to me. In my humble opinion, the share price of Ascendas Reit may go up or down (in the short term), but it would likely moderate or go down in the long run, due to the factors listed in my previous post on Ascendas Reit - like NAV, dividend yield, gearing etc.

I have also bought shares of STX OSV and GLP. I bought shares of STX OSV due to her strong outlook for both the company and the industry and it having broken the 1.2 resistance convincingly. Also, STX OSV is about to make a bullish "golden cross". For GLP, my purchase was mainly based on technical reasons. Her support at 2.1 to 2.12 is likely to be strong and there seems to be overall accumulation of her shares by the BBs given the strong buying volume and relatively weak selling volume seen in recent weeks.

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