Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year and many more...

I know this is kinda of late... but I still want to wish all a happy chinese new year!!!

Lets hope that the year of the rabbit a.k.a. bunny presents good investment opportunities and the stock market "hops" higher like a bunny. =)

Sidetracking a little, next week would be an interesting week and there may be buying opportunities. But yes again, lets be cautious and patient... do wait for friday's US employment report before making any buying decisions. And of late the weekly jobless claims report from the US has been very, very volatile. One week up 40k, the other week down 40k... So beware of that, too...

Over to the non-economic news front, the Egypt crisis may implode (ok, this sounds a little exaggerating)... as there is gonna be another "million-man march". So, till then lets see how the situation unfolds... Do also note that the Suez Canal is located in Egypt and it is one of the most important shipping routes in the world, so how would it affect shipping companies and world trade that ply that route? Again, that remains to be seen and I would not try to speculate ( as I wanna enjoy my CNY in peace).

On a personal front, I have cleared most of my positions less my dividend stock holdings to enjoy my CNY in peace... If the market is encouraging, I may enter some positions on Monday.

Ok, enough said. I would need to go continue my CNY visiting. Till then, Happy Chinese New Year once again! =)

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