Monday, April 4, 2011

STI - Apr 1 and portfolio updates

It has been a few weeks since I last blogged and many things have changed with regards to the stock market. Most notably, it appears that a "double bottom" has formed, a bullish signal indeed. On top of that, the STI has been rallying for the past two weeks as seen from the many bullish white candles.

Whilst I believe that my fellow investors (including me) must have been delighted at the fact that their portfolio have increased in value, the "contrarian" me has been cautioning myself to be "in the famous words of warren buffett (I think), fearful when others are greedy". Nonetheless, my gut instinct has been that the rally has perhaps some more room to go, and that a correction, though imminent, is less likely, due to the upcoming earnings season and the fact that from the chart, the RSI has not yet hit 70. But I stand corrected... haha

As for my investment portfolio, I have added hutchinson port trust to my holdings. It is one of the not-so-good ipos I have gotten, but I guess I will hold it there since it the trust is credible and has substantial institutional backing (including our very own temasek holdings).

I guess the week ahead will be very interesting with the (in my opinion), "much exaggerated" japan nuclear fallout and the libya crisis still lingering in the background. The Singapore election is also coming very very soon and I must agree with our prime minister that the media is getting "breathless" over the election. haha =) Actually quite true what, this sunday's 10pm channelnewsasia singapore news two-thirds of it was about the election...

The earnings season is also fast approaching. SPH will be reporting their results in the middle of this month and there will be "prays hard" good dividend coming soon. Commodity prices have been rather high and I also expect good earning results from the commodity companies in my portfolio. Sabana Reit, the less-than-stellar company in my portfolio, will likely be giving out her first dividend (finally...). STX OSV has won some contracts recently and provided me pretty decent paper profits. is getting quite late already and I am yawning pretty badly already. Lets us wait and see and hopefully we will get a jolly-good april. HUAT AH! (lol). =)

P.s. I am still adjusting to my new samsung laptop, which I think is aesthetically pleasing but unfortunately functionally less user-friendly. So my post is a little shorter than average.. Sorry for the laziness. =( hahaha...


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