Thursday, May 5, 2011

General Election roundup - Election Issues

With less than 48 hours to the polling day, lets have a recap of the election issues in GE 2011.

Election Issues and suggestions by some opposition parties (I didnt include PAP's policies as we should already be aware of their policies):

Cost of living: Reduction of the GST (SDP,RP). Versus Ms Tin Pei Ling from PAP who asked Macpherson hawkers to keep their prices stable for 6 months...

HDB prices: Pegging housing prices to the median incomes of homebuyers. (WP)

Transport: Combining SMRT and SBS Transit into one company? And that we deprivatise them. (SPP)

Foreigners: Limiting the number of foreigners, have a Singaporean-first policy. (SDP)

Healthcare: Allowing use of Medisave for more illness like cancer etc.

GRCs: Abolish GRCs. (Most if not all opposition parties)

NCMPS: Abolish NCMPs, while some other candidates claim they would take up the NCMP scheme.

Political system: Need for more opposition members of parliament, more checks and balances. (Most if not all opposition parties) Moving towards a first-world parliament. (WP)

National Service: Reduce length of National Service (SDP, NSP, RP)

GIC/Temasek: Privatise GIC/Temasek and list in local stock exchange, give their shares to Singaporeans (RP)

Media/Press Freedom: Freedom of Information Act (SDP, WP, NSP)

Ministerial Salaries: Reduce salary of ministers. (Most if not all opposition parties) Pegging salaries of ministers to their of other first world nation's ministers. (WP)

MP Salaries: Donate a portion of their salaries (Many opposition parties)

MP Services: Hold more meet the people sessions, quit their job to become full time MPs. (Many oppposition parties)

Economy: Move away from manufacturing. (SDP)

Wages: Have a minimum wage policy (SDP, RP)

Government accountability: Ensure Government accountability and transparency (Most if not all opposition parties)

Education: Have more teachers (SDP). Reduce class sizes. (SDP, WP, SPP, NSP)

Political Freedom: Abolish ISA (SDP)

Voting Age: Reduction of Voting Age from 21 to 18 (WP)

Quality of candidates: Opposition parties have generally fielded better quality candidates, Chen Show Mao (WP), Nicole Seah (NSP), Vincent Wijeysingha (SDP), Benjamin Pwee (SPP), Kenneth Jeyerathnam (RP) just to name a few...

As usual, disclaimer applies. The parties that suggested these policies are not limited by the parties indicated in the brackets. In case any reader is unaware, there are six opposition parties contesting in this elections.

WP - Workers Party
SDP - Singapore Democratic Party
SPP - Singapore Peoples Party
RP - Reform Party
NSP - National Solidarity Party
SDA - Singapore Democratic Alliance

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