Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Biosensors - huge head and shoulders?

Did I just saw a huge head and shoulders for biosensors?
with a price target of around 50 cents?


  1. you have so many technical indicators,
    do you really know what they mean?
    once you understand this, you will move on to the next stage of your investing career,
    good luck!

  2. Hello!

    You are right, I have many indicators..

    But to be honest, I dont really use them, they are just for reference only.

    In my opinion, the most important tool for technical analysis is still the price and volume!

    Good luck to you to! :)

  3. Do you use TA indicators to confuse pple?


    1. Hi Mr CreateWealth

      Nope. It is not meant to confuse my readers... on the contrary, readers who took action based on my article (posted yesterday 8:53am) would have made some money!

      Like I mentioned previously, the indicators are for my reference only.

      If the indicators are not mentioned in the text, they can be ignored actually.

      I understand you hold some shares in Biosensors, are you doing anything about them?


  4. My personal perspective: Looks more than head and shoulder. I see it as three peaks and a domed house. Whenever one can see a house, you better be careful. Dump your stocks once it falls!

  5. Hi Zhihao

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Today, I learned about a "three peaks and a doomed house" chart pattern...

    Currently, I dont have any long position in Biosensors.

    Haha thanks and cheers!

  6. baring any adverse reaction to Dow last fri, it may move up instead due to the quick rush up. Will it be exhausted, watch it and you will know

    1. Hi SC,

      Thank you for visiting my blog.

      Lets watch then. Time will tell :)