Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Overseas Education IPO and Happy Chinese New Year!

OMG.. I got allocated shares for this IPO.

This post was actually not meant to be, as I never expected myself to be successful in balloting for this IPO given the small public float.

This was pretty unexpected due to a very small float and high subscription due to overall bullish market sentiment. Hmmm, looking back, my last IPO was IHH (about half a year ago), which is quite a long long time back.

Should I sell away my IPO shares tomorrow when it opens, or should I keep it longer or perhaps forever? Honestly, I have not made up my mind but I am currently leaning towards selling them off tomorrow looking at the performance of recent new listings, like Halcyon Agri and Logistics. (both IPOs are trading below their first trading day prices)

By the way, I understand that Mapletree will be having a Reit IPO sometime this month or next month, I will be looking forward to testing my luck then. :)

Ok... back to studies and preparing for CNY...

Happy Chinese New Year to all readers in advance! :)

HUAT AH!!! :)


  1. It does remind me somewhat of 2006-2007, though let's see if the number of IPOs increases as the year goes by.

  2. what happened during 2006-2007?

  3. Some of the chinese stocks appear to be outstanding values.