Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The 25-year-old with eight investment properties

I came across this inspirational story about a 25-year-old with eight investment properties. Decided to share this with my dearest readers! (even though it might be equities related, but then again my blog focus is on investments, not specifically equities) :)

"Iannuzzelli’s tips for young investors

1. Don’t be impatient

One of the biggest mistakes young investors can make is to enter into the market without having done their full due diligence and research. Don’t go buying based on median prices alone – research is critical.

2. Find an experienced mentor

Whether it’s an accountant, a friend who invests or a broker, build an experienced team of experts and spend time with them. Learn from them and ask questions.

3. Think outside the square

When Sydney isn’t providing you the opportunities you need, look elsewhere. Be ready to grab an opportunity when it arises."

p.s. I think these tips are applicable for all types of investment though

Full story at this link: