Monday, July 16, 2018

Mid Year Review for 2018

Half of year 2018 has just gone by.. Trade wars, yield curve, world cup

How has my portfolio performed?... one word. BAD.

Preliminary estimates show that it is down around 15% (and it is only half a year).. whilst STI is down around 5%.. This is much cause for concern as it is one of the few times I have underperformed the STI benchmark.

Preliminary evaluation of my mistakes are as follows:
1) Over-diversification/lack of proper diversification..
2) Sentimental/feeling emotional about company
3) Buying into companies with low liquidity
4) Overconfidence/over-bullish about company prospects
5) Overestimation of one's ability/venturing beyond one's area of competence

Granted, I have been kept busy with work (and some "extra-curricular activities") but my portfolio performance is POOR and much reflection and work is needed to turnaround this mess.

I need to go back to the fundamentals. Reflect and bring back the good practices that allowed me to over-perform in the prior years.

Hopefully, I can rebuild, recoup, regain and finish this year strong (or at least flat).

Anyway, Felicitations to France for winning the World Cup 2018 :)

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