Saturday, July 13, 2019

Mid Year Review for 2019

More than half of 2019 has passed, and once again, it is time to do a mid-year review of my portfolio performance.

As of today, STI YTD performance is positive, up 9.4 percent (source from Bloomberg)

Thankfully, my portfolio has performed well YTD. As of writing, it is up 21.2% (before adjustments) and up 15.6% (if capital injections and withdrawals are taken into consideration).

This performance is encouraging, especially when compared to the dismal performance last year. It also compares favourably with the benchmark STI YTD.

From now till the year end, I hope that my portfolio can continue to do well, perhaps increase by more than 35%? Or at the minimum, improve on the current performance and outperform the benchmark.

Nevertheless, I am wary that whilst the stock market has reached highs, the economic figures are not very rosy with the ongoing trade wars, tensions, economic restructuring and displacement and so on. In fact, the big news today indicated that "Singapore economy growth slows to 0.1% in Q2, lowest in a decade"! (see link below)

Going forward, I will need to be nimble and react accordingly. Some sectors are still experiencing much hurt. Just this week, a friend from Oil & Gas sector lost his job. Whilst the STI is doing fairly decent, the main sector contributing to its positive performance are mainly REITs. In the broader economy, many sectors are still hurting and there is a need to be selective and I hope that my stock selection and allocation ability will continue to give me an edge in the months and years to come.

Hope to be able to report even better portfolio performance come year end!

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