About me

Personal life

Ming is a 19 year-old guy who hails from a typical Singaporean family. He feels that he is very fortunate and lucky to come from a caring home, have a loving family and to study at a good junior college. Currently on a gap year, he aims to optimise his use of time by developing new skills like stock investing. He currently has no definite plans for the future, after his dream to become a doctor was crushed, except to study in a local business school.

Investment journey

Ming started his investment journey in the middle of 2010. Starting with conservative picks like the good old defensive Singtel and SPH, he has since move on into investing in less defensive sectors, albeit still maintaining his cautious approach towards his investments.

After much "trials and tribulations", Ming has gained a better understanding of the stock market and has in a few months picked up much technical and fundamental analysis from various sources, including investment books, blogs, videos. Nonetheless, Ming feels that he still has a lot to learn from the stock market and continues to monitor the stock market like a "hawk".

Ming's first foray into the stock market was when he first ipo-ed for CDW Holdings when he was still in secondary school using his father's account. He subsequently "disrupted" his stock investment journey to concentrate on his studies, or rather due to his streak of unsuccessful ipo bids.

Ming's motivation for setting up this blog is primarily to chart his investment journey, share his analysis of the stock market and to encourage his peers to start financial planning early.

Happy reading! :)

(Last updated in Dec 2010)